Caitlin, Bride

I promise this will be the best decision of your entire wedding!!!  I have never felt more beautiful and loved than the day of my wedding - and it's all thanks to Jacquelyn!! She'll work with you to make the perfect makeup look for you ,and I love that she puts in the time to making it absolute perfection, each and every time. There isn't anyone better!


RebeccaMother of the Bride

The one word that comes to mind when I recount my experience with Jacquelyn is WOW!! I requested her services without even meeting her! From the moment I sat in her chair, I realized what sets her apart from other makeup artists: she is SO kind, listens to exactly what you want, asks you for your input, and will not complete the job until you are 100% satisfied. Her mission is to make you look and feel your best. If you are looking for exceptional service, look no further.


Rachel, Bride

I cannot say enough good things about Jacquelyn. She was professional and prompt, and made everyone feel so comfortable! There's no doubt Jacquelyn is an expert in what she does.

As someone who has never had her makeup professionally done before, she makes you feel so comfortable and at ease. Not to mention she's one of the most positive and upbeat people I've ever met and added so much fun to our wedding preparations and helped melt the stress away! My makeup turned out perfect in person and in photos, and I truly couldn't be happier with how everything turned out. 



Jacquelyn did the makeup for my wedding day, and she was a DREAM to work with!! From our trial to the morning of my big day, she was prompt and professional. Makeup was something that I was so nervous to have done because I am fairly particular - but Jacquelyn knew exactly what I meant! From those that wanted drama with lashes and lips to those that wanted a more natural look, she helped everyone feel beautiful. After looking at others' reviews, I decided it would be valuable to have Jacquelyn travel to our wedding photo location as an extra set of hands. She was there to keep nerves calm and help hold us together. If you are looking for a makeup artist that will listen to you and make sure you 110% LOVE YOUR LOOK, then Jacquelyn is your girl! 



​You want Jacquelyn in your corner on your big day - you will not find a more authentic and talented artist in the tri-state area! Jacquelyn is amazingly talented and professional, confident, and an amazing listener. She guided my mother, sister and I through the entire process, from trial to day-of; setting clear expectations, teaching us tips and tricks, and making us feel comfortable in her efforts. Thank you, Jacquelyn, for being there with us on our special day - your support and advice was absolutely priceless!



​My wife, Taylor, does not always wear a lot of makeup, and Jacquelyn did a great job of reflecting who she was while keeping the makeup simple and clean. Needless to say, I was a blubbering mess the first time I saw Taylor in her dress and due also in part to the makeup. Every other bridesmaid (I wasn't paying nearly the same amount of attention to them, however,) seemed to have makeup that fit their face rather than make them look like someone they are not. 


Melanie, Photographer

As a wedding photographer, one of my main priorities is capturing the beauty and personality of the bride. Jacquelyn made my job cake! Not only was her presence professional, warm, and charming, but her work made the bride and her bridesmaids shine. If you want to feel your best, look your best, and be treated the best, then look no further than Jacquelyn - she's the total package! 



​Jacquelyn did an amazing job for my wedding in September! She made sure each of us felt gorgeous and pleased with their look, and even took the time to explain beauty tips and tricks for each girl as she went! She was on time, efficient, and made sure each person received the same amount of attention and detail for their look so they all felt special in her chair. Jacquelyn also had a way of keeping the energy level up and everyone happy and smiling during an early start to what would be a long but amazing day! 


I was recently a bridesmaid in my brother and sister-in-law's wedding. Jacquelyn did all the makeup for the bride, bridesmaids, and mother of the bride. She was always warm, welcoming, and professional. She truly made us look and feel gorgeous, and was so friendly to everyone in the bridal party. Her time management was excellent and no one felt rushed or pressured to get everything done. She fit right in, and did a phenomenal job. I would highly recommend Jacquelyn!

J was incredible in every way! She was so sweet and friendly, and so down-to-earth which made me love her even more! I never wear make-up so putting anything besides mascara on makes me nervous. J was very understanding and made sure I felt comfortable with every step and never pushed me to do something I wasn't totally okay with. I felt absolutely beautiful and could not have asked for a better, more comfortable experience with a make-up artist. 100% will work with her for my wedding day! Thank you J for your incredible talent!

"My brother got married this past weekend, and the bride's make up was AMAZING - absolutely breathtaking! Jacquelyn was super sweet and friendly. Not only is she a talented makeup artist, but her energy and personality is truly one of a kind. J did a great job at asking my sister and I what our vision was, and she really cared about the details that we wanted. Thank you for making us feel beautiful!!!"

I am so happy I chose Jacquelyn as the makeup artist for my wedding! She was incredible to work with from day one! Prior to the wedding, she was very prompt and thorough with all communication and answered any questions I had! She was absolutely fantastic the morning of my wedding and brought so much positive energy and excitement! She was very flexible when working with all of us to create looks in which everyone felt comfortable and confident. The looks ranged from very subtle looks to very dramatic and everyone's makeup stayed beautiful all day!  I could not recommend her more!

As a bride, I was getting stressed out because I couldn't find a makeup artist that was reasonable in price and that traveled to you. Someone recommended Jacquelyn, so I got in touch with her make a trail appointment for me and my mom. She made us feel like we were queens - and that was just the trial! She asked questions on how I liked my makeup, how I normally wear it, what do I want to look like on my wedding day, etc. I knew once we were done that she was going to be the one that does my wedding makeup. The morning of my wedding day, Jacquelyn came overly prepared - she even brought a speaker so we were rocking to music! I would highly highly highly recommend having Jacquelyn as your makeup artist!

Jacquelyn is the absolute BEST!! I'm not a big makeup person, but I'm so glad I stumbled onto the world's greatest makeup artist for my wedding. I didn't have a super clear idea of what I wanted beyond a natural look, and she completely nailed it! I felt SO beautiful while still feeling like myself. And my look stayed put all day - after my trial, I went for a bike ride on a hot sunny day and nothing budged! She was able to work with a lot of different requests and styles - my sister-in-law asked to go glam and her look turned out stunning. Jacquelyn is also super easy to work with! She's very responsive to emails, which I really appreciate, and she handled all my finicky questions and details with ease. She was also such a positive and fun presence throughout the day! A lot of your vendors are right up in your face on your wedding day and Jacquelyn was a joy to have around. I highly recommend her!

Jacquelyn was amazing! I’ve always done my makeup myself, but for my brothers wedding I decided to treat myself and get it done by Jacquelyn! She did exactly what the picture (that I showed her) looked like, but even better. All the bridesmaids looked stunning with their makeup. For pictures we walked outside in the humidity for half an hour and as much as we were all sweating, none of our makeup budged. Jacquelyn stayed with us the whole time though, just in case we needed a touch up (none of us ever did). I had the best experience with her, and would recommend her to anyone wanting a flawless makeup look for any special occasion.

Jacquelyn did an amazing job with everyone's makeup for my sister's wedding. I originally wasn't going to get mine done, but after seeing how great all the girls looked, she graciously squeezed me in. I liked my makeup for my sister's wedding more than I did for my own! She did an excellent job. Highly recommend!