Communication Through Change


Strengthen your relationships, grow your confidence, and get support for managing the emotional aspects of planning your wedding

I always thought planning my wedding was supposed to be FUN... so why am I so FRUSTRATED?

Oooof.... yeah. Here's the thing. 

In addition to being fun and exciting, getting married (and planning a wedding celebration) involves a huge number of people, decisions, and moving parts... and allllll of that has emotions behind it.
(And when feelings come up when we weren't expecting them? WHOOP, THERE IT IS.)

After I got married and started working as a wedding makeup artist, I would hear all the time from clients that what frustrated and overwhelmed them most was feeling "stuck" in how they were communicating (or NOT communicating) with their loved ones, their vendors, their partners, and even themselves.
They knew how they were feeling... they just didn't know how to talk about it (without even more conflict, people-pleasing, or going in circles).

So what if you could get relief, strategies, ideas, and support from other people who were also getting married and also dealing with overwhelm?

And what if that group was facilitated by an experienced wedding professional who also had training and experience in education, counseling, and communication coaching?

Y'all..... THAT is the secret sauce for beauty you can feel, and THAT is the heart of First Looks.

Strengthen Relationships

Learn how your communication style can flex and support your ability to connect with loved ones, including managing expectations and boundaries

Grow Your Confidence

Explore ways that your communication style and skills can help you navigate everything from people pleasing to goal setting and decision making

Get Support

Connect with other celebrants (brides, grooms, and beyond) for validation, sharing tips and ideas, and feeling less overwhelmed by your wedding


The connection and trust Jacquelyn builds is what I appreciate most from our sessions. She speaks so openly, honestly, and thoughtfully, and she always asks for what you need in any particular moment - whether it be to hold space for your feelings/experiences and/or to explore different ways to navigate whatever you’re going through. She doesn’t try to “fix” you, and I always leave feeling more empowered than when we started.
When it comes down to it, most people just want to feel seen, heard and known, and Jacquelyn does exactly that every single time. Her heart and commitment to the wellbeing of others is truly remarkable.
-Brittany G.

So okay...how does this work?

On the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month from 11 AM to 12:30 PM CST,
the Communication through Change group will meet!

All sessions are virtual and take place via Zoom

​Each 90-minute meeting has two sections that are designed to provide you with two things:
1. Content
2. Connection

For the first half, you'll get content and learning on all kinds of emotional support and communication goodness that's specially curated for wedding planning.

Then, during the second half, connect with fellow celebrants who are also planning their weddings! We problem solve, vent, share ideas, validate, and create community that lasts far beyond the wedding day.

Group members also get:

  • Customized support resources each month

  • 1:1 call with Jacquelyn once per month


Groups are limited - join now to grab your support spot!

Looking for one-on-one help?


All sessions are virtual and take place via phone or video calls

Consultation - FREE

Not sure how coaching works or how it could make a difference for you, your celebration, and your relationships?
Try a cost- and obligation-free consultation session!


Flex Support - $200/month - 60-minute sessions (1/month)

Looking for support and guidance for a specific challenge? Not sure whether you'll want to commit to more than one session, but are looking for relief now? Get support one month at a time!

3 Month Package - $500 - 60 minute sessions (3)

Feeling totally overwhelmed? This multi-session package lets us address the challenges you're facing so that you can feel more solid about everything from communication to choice-making.


6 Month Package - $1,000 - 60-minute sessions (6)

This transformative coaching package provides personalized emotional support for the whole planning process, helping you truly make the most of your engagement journey! Sessions build on each other to help you and your relationships feel centered, clear, and confident.

Jacquelyn was EXACTLY what I needed. I was really struggling with not only motivation, but when I would have the energy to get something done, I then felt like I needed to keep going and not stop! It was difficult for me to find openness to how I was feeling, and I thought I had to be doing things a certain way in order to be "productive".

Jacquelyn was so flexible and kind, even through a few tears and frustrations I had with how I was feeling. And the guidance and information she provided me felt easy for me to implement and wasn't overwhelming, so I felt confident using it in a way that worked for me!


What has been the most valuable for me is switching my mindset just slightly about how I feel. I'm now approaching things in a way that gives me room and space, and lets me stay curious about the days where I may need to rest a bit more. Its made a HUGE difference!
-Cristina Z.