Six years ago, I entered the wedding industry as a makeup artist, and I realized quickly that my work wasn't really about "makeup" or "beauty". Instead, it was clear that beyond simply looking pretty, my clients craved feeling truly seen.


My background is in higher education, coaching and student development advising; and those skills started blending (pun intended!) with my makeup artistry. Clients would hire me for beauty services as they were planning their weddings and a...and along the way, I would also help them develop stress management skills, navigate conversations with loved ones, and provide important emotional support. 

When I finished graduate school and decided to relaunch my business, I knew I wanted to expand on the work I'd already been doing: being a source of support, care, and celebration during what is a hugely transformative (and often uniquely emotional!) experience.
First Looks, ultimately, is about beauty you can feel. :)

Outside of this work, I spend most of my time with my spouse, Alex, and our rescue dog, Maverick. We get outside as often as possible! I love distance running and weight lifting, coffee (with lots of cream), volunteering as a running coach for Girls on the Run, and believe leopard print is the perfect neutral.

Getting to do this work is amazing, and helping others feel seen and supported is at the heart of everything I do. I can't wait to work with you!!


Equity, Inclusion, & Reparations Commitment

First Looks LLC recognizes that the beauty industry upholds the same oppressive systems and structures that make up our broader society. We provide service to all human beings, and strive to serve in a way that is equitable and not a source of further harm and microaggression. 

We also believe in transparency, accountability, and concrete commitments to not only inclusion, but to social equity, reparations and justice on a larger scale.

As part of this commitment, First Looks LLC pledges to:

  1. Incorporate BIPOC and LGBTQ+-owned products into our kit and studio with a kit balance goal of at least 50% 

  2. Contribute a minimum of 7% of all profits to local orgs and mutual aid programs

  3. Promote vendor partners of one or more historically marginalized identities 

  4. Share monthly updates for reparations and equity  on the First Looks LLC Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as our website